Mother’s Day ridge walk

View from the ridge .... beautiful
View from the ridge .... beautiful
View from the ridge .... beautiful

It’s Mother’s Day in France, and I was woken with breakfast in bed, courtesy of six-year-old Jasper (a compote and spoon), delivered with some lovely cards and presents made at school from both boys. We’d left the step ladder out, as requested, so that Jasper could retrieve the bag he’d hidden from me, from high on the shelves.

We rewarded them with a slightly-longer-than-we’d-thought walk along the ridge from the Greolieres-les-Neiges road to Col de Bleyne take-off, where Marcus had left the car after flying this morning. (Rather stable conditions; the flight was not one of his longest). Continue reading “Mother’s Day ridge walk”

A Morning Stroll

Hike and Fly fun with Little Cloud’s Bidule mini-tandem, on the Cheiron.

Marcus made this film last autumn, but it’s still one of our favourite things to do in the morning.

Oh, and the video apparently won Go Pro’s video of the day!

Lots of fun!