Charlie King. Photo: Marcus King
Charlie King. Photo: Marcus King

Hi, I’m Charlie.

I’m an ordinary working Mum, young-at-heart but not really young (I’m 38). I live in the south of France in the Alpes-Maritimes in a little village called Cipieres, with my husband Marcus and two young sons: Jasper is six, and Dylan, four.

I work for Cross Country and Paramotor magazines, updating their websites, writing and proof-reading. By trade I’m really a microbiologist, but the days of practising that for a living are ever receding into the distant past. I’m studying subediting and design with the London School of Journalism. For relaxation and re-energising, I get out trail running and paragliding as much as possible, and into the mountains as much as I can .

I started this blog to document the ups and downs, training and experience, of the St Hil’Air Tour, a paraglider hike-and-fly race of 298km in the French Alps, which goes in a loop from Grenoble to Passy near Chamonix. It’s fast-approaching, starting on 21 June 2011 for six days.

I was a bit reticent about publishing a blog. It seems a little ‘me, me, me’-ish to write about oneself, but I have to admit that it’s fun, and will be a kind of photo album and diary in one to look back at. It probably won’t stop after the Air’Tour, as other challenges keep on cropping up that will be fun to write about too. I have just entered the Druid Challenge, a three-day, marathon-a-day, run across the Ridgeway in Wiltshire in November, so at least the weather should be nice and cool! There may be the risk of the odd shower too in Wiltshire in November.  I’m doing the event with my sister Lou, and really looking forward to spending the time with her, as she lives in the UK and we don’t get to see each other often enough for my liking.

If you would like to contact me, you can email this address.


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